Croatian fans cheer on their home country in Capital City

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) — One local family with ties to Croatia couldn’t be more proud of their country for making it to the World Cup Finals.

"This isn’t like I’m a jaguars fan and the jaguars made it. This is my family’s country. This is where we were from. This is our heritage," said Greg Picinic.

To Picinic and his family, Croatia making it to the World Cup finals for the first time is huge.

"Both my parents are from Croatia. My dad was born and raised on the island of Susak. But my mom was the first of her brothers and sisters born in the U.S., born in New Jersey," said Picinic.

That’s where he grew up, but he’s visited the island his family is from.

Picinic describes it as small, beautiful, with people who are full of pride for their country.

And on Sunday, they were loud and proud as they rooted for Croatia. The sense of Croatian community was strong at their World Cup party.

The group was on the edge of their seats, hoping to see history made for their home country. Croatia is the second smallest country to ever make it to the finals.

Even though they didn’t take home the win, just making it to the World Cup final is an accomplishment in itself.

"For Croatia to make it, a country of only 4 million people, all to way to the final. I mean, this is just, it’s amazing," said Picinic.

They’re a small country, but for this final, they stood together in a big way.

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