California: Are We There yet!

California is not just a place it is a state of mind. If it is both a place in a state of mind, then there must be some type of destination involved. To take on the California mindset doesn’t mean that you have to be born and raised in California, it doesn’t even mean that you have to live here. To obtain the Californian mindset it cost for you to have a set of attributes. You have to be a very open-minded person, you need to be progressive, you need to be innovative, you need to be creative and open to change and you need to be a little bit of a futurist. In my mind, these are the strongest attributes that California seems to nurture. Is there something special in the water in California? No, there is not. What is special about California is all the people who come here to live.

When you talk about exceptionalism, you have to talk about the roots of it. If we say that California is quite an exceptional place, that we have to look back at what shaped California. One of the things that shaped California the most is the variety, the die diversity, multiculturalism, is robust economy and all of these things are created by the people who are attracted to California. There’s something to say about the people who migrate to this area, even if we go back into the early 1700s and we think about the type of people who settled the West, the type of people who will go on the gold rush adventure, the type of people who will come to an unknown land and settle it, make it there on and turn it into something powerful. What these people leave behind is not only a tradition of exploration, innovation and entrepreneurship, they leave behind their DNA. Not only is there DNA that behind in their offspring but it is also left behind in the attitudes that shape the kind of people that they are. This is how we get to the sort of etymology of culture, breaking things down and understanding that the type of people who come into it area shape it for centuries to come.

If you look at the entertainment industry and how it draws in thousands of people each and every year to California, if you look at the technology industries in California and how it draws in hundreds of thousands of people, and thousands of businesses, it brings an assertive type of people in this is what truly makes California special.