Should I get a Florida Real Estate License right now?

Should I get a Florida Real Estate License right now?


Dec 18, 2017


How often do you get to set your own pace?

There are numerous reasons that you should get a Florida Real Estate License right now. For starters, it is one of the most affordable professional credentialing and the best value education that you can get in the real estate field. There are quite a few people who pay tens of thousands of dollars just to have a four-year college degree in the practice of real estate. While we honor those individuals, we would also like to tell you that it’s not necessary and our program will get you to learning and earning immediately.

One route to a real estate career will cost you 4 years and $30,000 and the other takes 4 weeks and costs $300.

The 63-hour pre-license course offered by Realty School 101 is all you need to get licensed; Take it as an online self-paced reading module course with a web-based, self-proctored final exam or a live virtual streaming option with one of our top level instructors for a very affordable price.

The following insights are meant to advise you on some reasons that many people have chosen to get a real estate license right now, and you can use this information to decide if this is something that is worthwhile for you to pursue.

Here are the top reasons cited by our students for getting a Florida Real Estate License right now:

Access to inventory data for self/buyer-investor-clientsProperty Management BusinessBecome a REALTOR®
Is it Easy to get into the practice of Real Estate?
We speak with numerous new practitioners of real estate and the answer is YES!
One common concern we hear a lot is whether or not it’s ‘easy to get into’ real estate. The answers is most certainly yes! The reason why is because there are a lot of business opportunities depending on your unique skills, preferences and goals.
Not everyone who gets a real estate license in Florida becomes a REALTOR® and dedicates to the transaction based operations. Some people use a real estate license to help increase the odds of landing on the perfect investment property. Others will use the license to more effectively run a property management business.
Why Florida?-Maybe you knew this already…

Florida is among the top largest states for the number of real estate licenses in the U.S. What this means is that a demand exists. Where there is a demand, there are potentially more opportunities for the licensees who are located in the environment with that demand. Beyond selling property, you are quite often selling a certain lifestyle that people who only migrate to Florida want to experience.

In Florida, you find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Have you checked out Walt Disney World’s revenues lately? — Still a decent stream, and it comes in from ALL..Over..the World. How about the ever-famous Miami Beach which has been the location of numerous Hollywood cinemas and TV flicks. There is a huge amount of activity involving people who need to relocate to and from the various popular retirement destinations or second home locations, which require a great amount of available licensees to assist them with selling or renting out properties and purchasing worthy investments.

Tampa is exceptionally well known for its downtown business sector, close proximity to gorgeous beaches (Clearwater Beach, St. Petersburg, Archibald Beach Park, Bent Davis Beach, Caladesi Island, Davis Islands, Egmont Key, Fort De Soto, Fred Howard Park, Honeymoon Island, Indian Rocks and more). Let’s not forget to mention Key West! Side note: If you haven’t been to the keys before, you should try to go at some point in your lifetime, especially if you enjoy fishing, boating or partying in the sun. Destin, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale..the list continues for some of the greatest places to live and earn a substantial real estate income in a variety of ways.

Isn’t there already a lot of competition?

It depends. If you’ve experienced any business or economic situation in life, you know that what it takes is sound planning and CONNECTIONS! Not too mention on-going knowledge of market trends, new construction developments and the like. Licensees just starting out may be better off joining a high performing team in order to establish themselves. Some licensees have the mentality that they will get licensed and make their services available to their existing sphere of relationships. Either way, people will come and go over the years. Different branding, web strategy and community presence are among some of the major channels to becoming a real estate rock star! Don’t let the fear of competition deter you from pursuing this goal. Again, there are many practical uses for a real estate license other than engaging in traditional REALTOR profession.

To get started, visit to determine which license course is a good fit for you.
Realty School 101 offers the pre-license sales and broker license courses in Florida in a variety of formats that allow you to complete the state required education from anywhere in the world that you have a WiFi connection.

What’s even better is that when you get started with the best real estate license prep, you will go further in your real-estate related goals. Realty School 101 is a real estate license school based in Tallahassee with advisers standing by waiting for your call to answer any question that you have pertaining to Florida Real Estate Licensing Requirements, Process and any Career-related advice once you’re licensed.

Enroll in a very affordable high-value education and earn a credential that will lead you to a limitless income!
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