Pompano Beach FL Restaurants That Are Known As Top Rated Establishments

There are approximately 300 restaurants in Pompano Beach Florida. Knowing you are walking into one of the best is going to keep you happy. You want good food, good service, a nice atmosphere and a great place overall. Well you are going to get four of them right now, and that should keep you busy. Check out these top restaurants in Pompano Beach FL.

Fish Shack is located on NE 17th Avenue, and its fish and chips platter looks delicious. Cracked conch is also on the menu. Have you ever had conch fritters before? They are really good, and right about now, Fish Shack is sounding really good in general. This place is also known for having fresh fish. It is Pompano Beach FL after all.

Sicilian Oven is located on North Federal Highway, and it gives itself away as a great pizza place. They also serve up rice balls, Sicilian salads and more according to the menu highlights. One person mentioned that the house salad ordered was enough for at least three people. That is a helpful tip for if you plan on eating at Sicilian Oven as a group and want to have salad with your meal. This restaurant is also said to have delicious meatballs.

The Foundry is another great establishment in Pompano Beach, Florida. Situated on East Atlantic Boulevard, The Foundry serves up short ribs, burgers, barbacoa tacos and a lot of other great foods. Plantain chips and a citrus salad are also mentioned. This restaurant seems like it really has a diverse menu.

You know I’m not going to pass up the diner in the bunch, so let’s take a look at Lester’s Diner. It is found on East Atlantic Boulevard like The Foundry. You can order up French toast, rice pudding, a gyro plate and more at this brunch spot that has all the great eats.

Let’s look at one more of the top restaurants in Pompano Beach. Dos Amigos looks like a great spot, and it is on North Federal Highway like Sicilian Oven, another restaurant featured earlier. The picture I saw of the enchiladas served there looks fantastic. They also serve up burritos, tamales, fried ice cream and more. That fried ice cream sounds really good about now. That’s four restaurants out of the 300 there are in Pompano Beach FL. Rest assured these four are some of the best of the bunch.